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By Dorinda Hudson August, 9th  2016

"As we moved from the industrial age to the electronic age, technology has transformed our definition of work and the skills needed to perform this work. Unfortunately, our educational system has not kept pace with the rest of the world. The entire structure of our educational system is obsolete.

We are failing in our ability to train our labor force to be competitive in the new global economy. Up until the 1970's, the US public schools were considered the best in the world. Since that time, our ranking has tumbled. Of 15-year-old's tested in 30 countries, the US was 21st in Science, 25th in Math, and 16th in Reading Proficiency.

The US share of the world’s college students went from 30% in 1976 to 14% in 2006. Our top 5% of students ranked 23rd of 29 developed countries. Between 1971 and 2006 we have increased our educational spending by 123%. Yet on a performance test for reading taken by 17-year-old's, there was zero change in academic performance.Learn To Learn

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