Core Excel Development Academy founded in 2009, by Core Excel Development Group Inc.; Core Excel Development Group Inc. is designated as a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Corporation, in the state of California under the Internal Revenue Codes.


Founder Derrick Shaw mentored and developed youth through-out his California community and as far as the state of Washington. Along with a multitude of studies, he recognized that the future of our youth depends on how well we prepare them to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Moreover identifying that a matchless investment of time, energy, resources and quality mentoring is vital for their success; academically, physically as well as socially.


Derrick Shaw

Derrick Shaw



Core Excel believes the integration of academic mentorship and sports immersion delivered by personnel having all the required skills as well as qualities and characteristics along with parental involvement is imperative for developing and preparing our youth to engage their future successfully.

My Testimony (Click here)
My Testimony (Click here)
My Testimony (Click here)
  • Continue to develop programs that benefit all youth but is specifically structured to recognize, evaluate, and promote the skills in individuals that are not being developed in the school systems.

  • Create an academic plan that will provide each student the opportunity to qualify for college.

  • Provide tutoring and related resources for each participant; thus increasing their skills-set socially, academically and/or athletically.

  • To inspire our youth while developing positive self-esteem. In addition provide the necessary tools needed to assist them in achieving their dreams in whichever field the participant aspire to pursue.

STOCKTON - On a quiet Wednesday evening, Curtis Shaw sifts through a box containing more than 100 letters from college football programs expressing interest in his talent. Shaw said academics is one of

the biggest factors. "(I realized) after I didn't make it that year, I don't ever want to experience that again," he said. "I decided to get back on track, and I'm proud of what I'm doing."

Jake Locker and Curtis preparing for Ohio St.
Jake Locker and Curtis Shaw prepare..