Developing Youth Today To Succeed Tomorrow

To all Core Excel community sponsors our deepest thanks for your recent donation to Core Excel Development Academy. Donors like you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission. If you are not on this list we hope that you will catch the spirit of this vision and help it materialized on schedule. The project is scheduled for roll out in 2021

Catch The Spirit Of This Vision And Help It Materialize

Community Sponsors

Eugene M. Tibon, Jr.

Nicole Tibon

Adam Tibon

Mitsuaki K. Ohata

James Rodney Gonzalez

Nivanh Sangsida

James D. Kaley

Jason Kaley

Antonio Hernandez

Doug Teese

Shannon Wong

Ronald Ruiz

Fabian Ceballos

George Kotaka

Stephanie V. Louie

Kathryn Doi

Donald L. Faw

Michael L. Malaney

Linda J. Fernandez

Byron Franklin

Scott Curit

Raquel Ballesteros

John Boore

Anna L. Conrad

Marilyn Irizarry

Matthew Jon Thomas

Mr. Tenneti of Google

Joyce and The Balandra Family

Larry Caballero

Rick & Patty DeOcampo Family

Robert & Cathy Villanueva Family

Malcolm & Leslie Hearon Family

Corporate Sponsors