Core Excel Development Academy; Building Fund

All donations are tax-deductable. Core Excel Development Group, Inc. a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit seeks Sponsorships/Naming Rights contributions for its proposed Youth Development Academy and/or the various components of facilities that make up the new complex.


Facility Fundraising
We are selling paper weight/desk bricks, personalized engraved walk way bricks as well as engraved pillars and corporate logo walls to underwrite the costs of building. Proceeds from these funds will be used to finance and directly contribute to marketing the building of said facility.
Planned Giving

Executive Director of Development

Tel: (415) 848-2460



Yalonda Birdsong

Deputy Director of Fundraising

Tel: (415) 848-2460


With your partnership; Core Excel Development Group Inc. is prepared to develop a unique, modern; state-of-the-art Development Facility that will focus on youth life skills through academic mentorship and sports immersion. With services and curriculum delivered by select educators, coaches, involved parents and concerned community leaders in hope that you will catch the spirit of this vision and help it materialized on schedule. The project is scheduled for roll out in 2021

Corporate Support
Core Excel Development Group Inc: Welcomes the support of all business and corporations, no matter the size. Your donation can be designated to fund a specific event, program or need according to the interest and desire of your company. Here are some ways your business or corporation can support our mission:


Underwrite or sponsor a fundraising event: We have companies that sponsor a specific event annually or an event that they find to be special. You well receive recognition and benefits according to the sponsorship level.For more information, please contact Executive Director of Developer at michaelanthony@corexcel.org 


Underwrite or sponsor a new facility: Your Company can obtain Sponsorship/Naming Rights for our new proposed Youth Development Academy and/or the various components of facilities that make up the complex. For more information, please contact Derrick Shaw at derrick@corexcel.org


Match your employees’ donation: Help your employees maximize their gifts to Core Excel Development Academy by establishing a matching donation program.